Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Las Vegas in the snow

We arrived in Las Vegas last Thursday after an overnight near Quartzsite, Az. During the overnight stop we visited the Quartzsite rock and gem show during its waning days. No rocks or gems were acquired, but we did manage to pick up a flagpole for the motorhome that has been on the list for awhile.

In Las Vegas, we set up in the campground of Nellis Air Force base, where are daughter Katie is stationed. Like our other children, Katie is a real pet lover and we soon met the latest addition to the family, a beagle named Halley.

Since Anneke is still not fully recovered from the ankle injury, we continue to look for things to do that do not require a lot of walking. Katie suggested a trip up Kyle Canyon to Mount Charleston in the Spring Mountains for lunch at the lodge near the summit. As we drove higher in the mountains, the snow started to get deeper and deeper. We soon saw cars parked all along the road with families looking for the best place to enjoy sledding or just hiking in the snow. It apparently was a good respite from the seventy degree weather in the city.

Once again, the views were wonderful and driving thu the few small villages gave a hint as to what it might have been like on the mountain in years gone by. Today there are also a number of very large new houses being built on the mountain slopes.
The lunch was very tasty and we had a good start to our Las Vegas stop over.

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Katie said...

Good blog. However, you forgot to mention how much you loved Halley and thought she was better behaved than Heather's dogs. And that you want to keep her.