Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saguaro National Park

26 January 2008
We have been spending a quiet few days in Benson, AZ, about 22 miles north of Tombstone, AZ, allowing Anneke’s ankle to continue to heal. We have a great view of the mountains and actually had a rare winter rainbow with a small amount of rain. We have been just enjoying hanging around the motorhome.

We did find Saguaro National Park on the outskirts of Tucson that fit our current sightseeing mode. It has an eight mile loop to observe the classic cactus form. For those with an urge for adventure it also has remote camping opportunities and many miles of hiking available.

When the park was founded in the early 1930’s these cactus were heel to toe in the park and everyone thought that they were here forever. Then they started to die in large numbers and thru study they realized that any period where the temperature drops below freezing for 20 hours or more will kill the cactus. Additionally, a cattle grazing was still allowed in the park and they were destroying the young plants. They are now working on preserving those that remain and carefully protecting the young plants and have eliminated the cattle grazing.

Tomorrow we are off to Casa Grande, AZ for ten days.


Wendy said...

Wat geniet ik weer van jullie laatste 2 berichtjes. Schitterende parken. Jullie leiden momenteel een benijdenswaardig leventje!!!
Ik hoop dat het wat beter gaat met je enkel Anneke.

Annemiek said...

Wat een geweldige plekken bezoeken jullie!
Beterschap met de enkel!