Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Monday, November 19, 2007

Tybee Island

17 and 18 November 2007

Tybee Island advertizes itself as the most laid back beach town in the Southeast. That may well be, but at least at this time of the year, I really wonder just what the attraction was. Apparently the real estate investors over estimated the demand as it seems that every other house is for sale. The resort area looks like it has seen better times. The town seems to be relying on the parking as its main income source as they have a large squad of meter personnel checking the few occupied spaces for expired tickets. They proudly proclaim no free parking anywhere on the island, even when it is mostly deserted.

The resort area was rather disappointing, with most of the structures really showing their advanced years. It does have a beach with obligatory pier with a couple of minor attractions in the form of the lighthouse and two 1899 era forts build for the Spanish American conflict. We did enjoy a nice bike ride around the area, but headed out without sampling any of the establishments.

Saturday, we decided to just stay on Skidaway Island where the State Park is located. We enjoyed a pleasant bike ride thru the park trails and watched the traffic on the intercoastal waterway heading south for the winter. The State Park has been a great place for us to camp. Our site is probably a half acre and others are even bigger. This will be added to our list of places to come again in the future.

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