Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Friday, June 08, 2007

Resaca, GA

Our trip to Resaca, Georgia was uneventful. We checked into a very nice bed and breakfast farm very near our daughter and son-in law’s home. It is a combination of B&B and petting farm with lots of activities for children of all ages.

It is a pleasure to stay in these surroundings compared to the sterile, somewhat bleak hotel we overnighted in along the way. With three rooms and lots of space, it is almost as good as being in the motorhome. Their web site is:

Of course, we did not linger long, we were very anxious to see our new grandson, Aleister. Needless to say, we found him to be a beautiful child without any faults. The little guy is having some problems with digesting his food, so he makes these grimacing faces as he suffers thru the process. It reminds me of myself after an unusually heavy meal of too much spicy food. It is something he will quickly out grow, but I know not soon enough for his mother.

We will be here thru Sunday, putting a stress test on camera and new video recorder purchased for the occasion.

On a final note, the area has been under a severe drought for two years, with our host at the farm telling us that there has been no rain since January. You guessed it, on her first day here, there was rain. I really am beginning to think that we bring that kind of weather with us, where ever we go.


Hollandranch said...

Hoi, veel plezier met jullie kleinkind en de trip met de personenauto, kan ook leuk zijn. Goed dat jullie wat regen brengen naar Georgia, ze hebben het echt nodig.

Have fun, Hans

Katie said...

Our newest family member is SO CUTE!