Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Maumee Bay State Park

In an attempt to get back into the traveling mood, we are staying at the Maumee Bay State Park located just a short distance east of Toledo. It is a well laid out park with large campground, resort lodge, and many other amenities on the south shore of Lake Erie. It also has a large area devoted to wetlands, and preserving nature.
It is a great place for bicycle riding. We have been able to put in three days of traveling the park by bike. We have had a chance to explore the nature areas, see wildlife, and get a personal tour of some of the plant life with the staff botanist. I can only hope I can remember a little bit of the information that she imparted to us on this stroll through some of the more remote parts of the park that I am sure we would not have seen without out her. Certainly, we would not have enjoyed it as much without her knowledge.
Being a State Park, we enjoyed three evenings of good campfires and quiet talks. This trip got the travel juices going and we are now actively planning our next few trips. The first will most likely be to visit the Amish Country of Indiana.


Wendy said...

Wat een heerlijke relaxte tijd!! Genieten maar!

blips said...

Looks like your first trip is already very enjoyable, nice wildlife there.