Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Two final campgrounds

14, 15 Aug 2018

After a very busy day, we planned to stay at the Deerlick ACOE park just east of Tuscaloosa, AL.  On the map it did not seem like much of a problem to get there.  First, we had to navigate thru the rush hour traffic of the city and then we headed into the hills to reach the campground. The expression “in the middle of nowhere” is exactly where this park was located.  When we finally arrived at the park, we stopped at the check-in station which said open and all the lights were on.  Anneke walked up to the station but no attendant.  We waited awhile, and no one showed up.  We called the number and they said please be patient, we are doing our rounds. After a while, we decided to drive in and check it out.   Just as we got ready to leave, a golf cart showed up. A young woman jumped out and told us to go find a spot.  We did so, and Anneke went back to the office to check in.  I sat in the coach for about 30 minutes and decided to see what was going on.  It turned out that the couple were grad students nearby and were volunteering at the park for a free place to live.  These grad students could not make the computer work and seemed almost completely helpless.  They could not find our site we picked out. When my bride questioned what they were doing and why they were not manning the station during the open hours, they were very defensive and said they were volunteers and did not feel like they needed to be there all the time.  So, it seemed that not only could they not handle a computer that the normal old folks’ volunteers managed but they were insulted that we expected them to do the job. The new era of millenniums.

It took over an hour before we could settle into our spot and enjoy our "happy" hour very late.  The spot was good and quiet. 

We wanted to stop one more night before going home and found a campground along I-65. It was at the Sherling Lake Park in Greenville, AL.  It has an RV park and large recreation areas. If you drive down to the lake you can see an amazing golf course, which somehow, we failed to take any pictures of. 


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

So much for the work ethic of the modern day generation. :cO

Wanderin' said...

What can you say? It sounds pretty typical of some of the worker bees we've run into.

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

The expression "They Don't Make Them Like That Anymore" certainly applies to many of the younger generation.
Glad you made it home Safely.

It's about time.

Nickie and Jim said...

Well, the good news is you had a nice site, never mind the "help."