Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Monday, September 04, 2017

South Dakota State Capitol

A must see in Pierre is the state capitol.  There was an over 10 year struggle to determine where the state capitol would be. Finally, in 1904, Pierre was selected.  The construction of the neoclassical building was started in 1905 and completed in 1910.  The building reflects the history  of the state and is a historical landmark in its own right.

The design selected was the same as the one for the Montana capitol with some variations.  The project was completed for under one million dollars.  We enjoyed a guided tour of the building with current and historical background.  More details can be found here.
A restoration was completed in 1989 which  included  returning it to the original colors and appearance.

On the grounds is a memorial park that is enjoyed by visitors and residents alike.  It is very well done and a pleasure to stroll around.


Sherry said...

What wonderful pictures of a beautiful state capitol. Seems it must have been one of the last ones built to have happened in the 20th century.

where's weaver said...

Gorgeous building. We really enjoy visiting each capital building.
The grounds are lovely. The statues look amazing.

Bob and Jo said...

Great photos

Happytrails said...

What a beautiful state capital!!! That building is just gorgeous!! Great pictures!!

Wanderin' said...

That really is a nice place capital. What a great visit!