Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Sunday, January 08, 2017


We started off the month of December with a 10 night Southern Caribbean cruise aboard the RCCL ship Serenade of the Seas.  This was our third trip with a group of fellow RVer's. This voyage had the advantage of visiting five ports we have not been to before.  Since we boarded just before lunchtime, first order of business was to get some lunch. This ship was smaller and older than the last one, but the basic amenities remained the same.  With most of three days at sea before our first port, we had a chance to completely explore the ship.

Our first port of call was Tortola, B.V.I.  The island was first spotted by Columbus on his second voyage.  The Spanish attempted to possess the island but the presence of pirates including Blackbeard prevented a successful occupation. Eventually, the British took control from the Dutch and developed sugar cane plantations across the island using slave labor from Africa. In 1834, the British abolished slavery and the plantation system collapsed due to competition from other areas where slavery still flourished.  Most of the white landowners left the island over time.

Arriving in Tortola

Today, with a population of under 25,000, one of the main sources of  income is tourism. It remains a haven for sail boaters, but today resorts and cruise ships provide most of the tourist dollars.  Still under British rule, it remains a low income area for most of the residents.  The climate, beaches and beautiful scenery are the main attractions.  We opted for an island tour to see most of the island and get a feeling for how people live away from the attractions. It is hard to find a tour that does not include at least an hour plus beach break.  So we did visit a beach and it was raining.  We did find some shelter in the outside area of a closed bar. I doubt that there is a compelling reason to return unless we arrive by sailboat.

Bus tour of island

View from highest point on the island

Beach break and return to ship


Happytrails said...

What an interesting adventure!! Everywhere....there is so much history!!
I love cruising!!

Katherine Batterton said...

I'm sure the rain was a bit disappointing but what a beautiful island!

Nickie Jim said...

Nice to be on a 10-night cruise, touring islands. Probably warm, too, as opposed to chilly. What's a little rain, anyway (unless you're in NorCal where we are being inundated!). Hope you enjoyed the cruise!

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

How funny. I just read Erin and Mui's post and saw your comment. Never knew you were on a cruise too,

We have never been on a cruise. I didn't know the cabins were that big. I have never heard of Tortola. It does look on the poor side. Not sure how I feel about chickens on the beach.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

We enjoyed Tortola on one of our cruises last year. Took an open bus ride up into the hills and weren't sure we'd live to see our ship again the way the driver drove. He thought he was a Formula 1 driver or something. :cO

Wanderin' said...

At least being where you are you don't have to worry about all the ice and snow others are into. Enjoy yourselves!

Sherry said...

That's a very nice looking room. We took one cruise to Alaska and our room was much smaller. Beautiful sunset and pictures of the colors in the sky and the colorful stops.

Laura Skjenna said...

I sometimes think it would be nice to live on one of these islands, but then think realistically, what on earth would I do? Sun and beach would get old eventually, although a peek at the news and the reports of snowstorms might make the sand bearable ;-)

Linda said...

I absolutely love all your photos and thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful tour! I love ships! Once when I was at the Old Port here in Montreal, there was a large ship docked there. This was many years ago, and I remember noticing how big and majestic it looked! I have never been on a ship, just canoes and small boats like this. Thank you so much for sharing.