Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Friday, August 26, 2016

Glensheen Historic Estate

The Glensheen Estate is located on the north edge of Duluth on route 61.  It was built by Chester Adgate Congdon as his family home.  Construction started in 1905 and was completed in 1908 at a cost of over 850, 000 dollars, which would be over 20 million today.   Congdon was  one of the great capitalists of the earlier 1900's. Much of his early wealth came from very fortunate investments in the stock market.

The mansion and grounds are well worth touring for the sheer luxury and beauty displayed.  What makes it more interesting to many is the tragic history that comes in the last year any family member lived there.

In 1908, Congdon, his wife and his seven children moved into the 39 room home. Mr. Congdon died in 1916.  The last Congdon to live in the home was  Elisabeth Congdon, who never married but who had adopted two girls.  In 1968, the estate was given to the university of Minnesota Duluth with the provision that Elisabeth Congdon could reside there until her death.  Her death is what has made the estate a unique place.  On June 27, 1977 she and her nurse Velma Pietila were murdered.  Elisabeth in her bedroom by suffocation . Velma was beat to death with a candlestick in the stairwell. Her adopted daughter, Marjorie, had a troubled history and it was thought that she and her second husband had been pressing Elisabeth for money. Her husband, Roger Caldwell, was convicted for the murders and received two life sentences.  Marjorie was charged with aiding and abetting but was never convicted.   She continued to have problems and spent a number of years in prison on other charges.  In 1982, Caldwell's conviction was overturned by the state supreme court and a retrial was planned. Caldwell then pleaded guilty and signed a full confession. He was later released and committed suicide in 1988.

Your entrance ticket is a 1900's style calling card which you present to the butler at the front door. All of the tour guides are students of the university and dress in period clothing and are very knowledgeable about the home. Even though the gift shop sells books written about the murders, they are not allowed to discuss the murders during the tour.  It is certainly one of the best mansion tours we have had in a long time.


Main floor

Servants dining room

During the peak years the kitchen prepared meals for 20 people everyday.

Sun room where breakfast was usually taken and often other meals during nice weather.
 The main dining room was used regualry for entertaining.

Second floor

Female guest room



where's weaver said...

I love the idea of the calling card.
Wow...what a gem. Thanks for all the photos. Looks beautiful.

Linda said...

So beautiful! I love vintage so I would feel right at home! :)

Wanderin' said...

What a beautiful home. I think seven children would be great but only after they're all grown up. Raising them wouldn't be too easy.

Peter + Beatrix said...

Quite the place, beats even the Roosevelt Home. And wouldn't it be perfect to do a Sherlock Holmes movie there?

Phyllis said...

That's some basement! Interesting story but why did the game CLUE pop up in my head when you mentioned candlestick?

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Sad history for such a beautiful place. :c(

Erin Erkun said...

What a neat manor home ... love the calling card idea.

Sherry said...

Me too - 'killed by the Mr. Caldwell with a 'candlestick on the stairway' sounds just like Clue. Really is a tragic ending. Love the calling card and the Butler. Wonderful pictures. I feel like I was there with you. I'm glad they don't talk about the murders on the tour. I guess the surviving daughter got all the money. Wonder what happened to her. Guess you can read the books and maybe find out.

Nickie Jim said...

"Nice little place!" That has to be the best-looking basement I've ever seen ... certainly doesn't look like the basement in the house I grew up in! :- )

Gypsy said...

I was thinking about how nice the basement looks. I could be comfortable with a little apartment in the basement!

Bob and Jo said...

Been on our list for awhile, now we really want to visit next time in the area.