Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Lunenburg, NS

Lunenburg is an UNESCO town listed as the best example of a British colonial settlement in North America. It was settled in 1753 and has managed to preserve its structures and colorful designs to the present day. This town, like so many others, played a large part in the conflict between the British and French thru the 1800's. 

Today, its main industry is tourism with many thousands of visitors each year.  The waterfront and Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic are must see locations.  The museum explains the maritime history of the community and has two vessels to explore. The sail fishing vessel "The Theresa E. Connor" and the motor fishing vessel "Cape Sable".

The other major maritime attraction is the BluenoseII.  This is a replica of the original vessel that is used as an ambassador ship to other parts of Canada and the United States as well as a charter vessel in Lunenburg.  As we were enjoying a beer in the museum open air waterfront pub, we spotted the Bluenose sailing into the bay.  We waited on the dock to get a opportunity to board her for a quick look before dinner.  It would be worth the trip back just to get a chance to sail on her.

The town is also well known for the colorful historical buildings and decorated doors.

Dr Jacobs house 1840

The oldest house in Lunenburg built in 1760

The Anglican Church founded in 1753


Wanderin' said...

What an interesting place that seems to be. Lots of great things to see and anyplace on the water is wonderful.

Phyllis said...

We've never been there but it sure reminds me of a town we visited in Scotland.

Sherry said...

I really love the colorful wharf and all the colorful buildings and doors red, green, blue, purple, pink. So bright and cheery. They just make me smile. None of the northern towns in the US do that. I wish they would. Those sailboats are fantastic. I agree that you must take a trip back to sail on the Bluenose.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I am so glad y'all are doing such a great job with showing us this area. I know we will never get there. Your photos are terrific. I just love all the colors. When there is bright colors that usually means very nice and friendly people.

Ruth said...

We love Lunenburg! When we were there it was cold and wet, not as nice as the day that you had. We thought the Fisheries Museum was fantastic too, they hadn't officially opened for the season so not everything was available to view but we saw most of the museum, I don't believe we got to see either of the boats/ships you mentioned though.

The Bluenose II is one of Canada's pride and joy. It is a beautiful replica of the original. Again when we were they they were doing a complete overhaul of it, more like they completely rebuilt it. So happy that you were able to see it at sail and up close.

Bob said...

Lovely pictures of Lunenburg and the Bluenose 2.
I'm ashamed to admit that, even though I was born in Nova Scotia and have been back many times, I've NEVER been to Lunenburg. Just seem to spend all our time visiting relatives. I'll get there one day. Meanwhile, thanks for sharing.

The BooneDocks said...

Brings back great memories of when we were there in 2012.

Laura Skjenna said...

did you get to sail on the bluenose II ? I love the colourful buildings.

intrepid-decrepit-traveler said...

I remember they called it the "Lunenburg Bump." What a great town and how neat that you got to see the Bluenose!