Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Sunday, June 07, 2015

A month with no RVing

I realized today that I have not posted in over a month for the simple reason that there has been no RV trips in that period.  May was the designated month this year to get all that medical stuff done and the last such event is now complete. That is not to say we have not been busy with various projects like getting the grass to grow-yup that means I am watching grass grow.

This has also been a month where we had the chance to enjoy the grandkids.  This means:

Checking out the butterfly house

Hitting the beach and checking out the fishing pier

A T-ball game

Victoria getting to check out some heavy equipment at the fairgrounds.

We headed to Pensacola for the open house on the Spanish training ship, Elcano.  It is the third tallest tall ship in the world.  However, there were huge lines hours before it opened and there was no way we were going to stand in the near 90 degree temps for hours with no shade. So we we headed to the farm market and then saw it from across the pier.  We also noted the several ambulances that were going to help the fainting people.  So we chose wisely.

Last Monday was the opening of the Red Snapper season and I agreed to go on an offshore fishing charter with five real fishing enthusiasts.   I have not done much of this, but a day on the water should not be passed up.  We did bring in a few fish about fifteen miles out, but the weather stole the show.  We were surrounded by clouds and threatening thunderstorms most of the day and at one point I was at the rail with fishing pole in hand while the downpour tried to fill the boat.  Finally, as we decided to try to beat the next storm to port, we stopped for a quick try just a few miles offshore and landed about six of the Red Snappers.  With lightening strikes closing in on us, we decided that surviving the day was better than more fish and took off for shore as fast as the three 300HP outboards could push us.  It was a wild ride and for me the best part of the day.  Some of my fellow fisherman may not have agreed.

Finally, today's thrill was finding a 3-4 foot Black Racer snake on our patio.  He was hiding under our patio locker when Halley and I went for a walk in the morning and we watched later as it slowly decided to head back to the wild.


Jim and Sandie said...

Sure glad your medical appointments didn't turn into any big issues. That is always a good thing. Sounds like you are having lots of fun along with the appointments.

Bob and Jo said...

Really like the pictures of the clouds

Ruth said...

Definitely sounds like you have been busy, especially when you spend some time with the grandchildren! Happy to hear that you got some fish and still made it back to shore in one piece. That looked like quite the storm heading your way.

Wanderin' said...

Nothing can beat making memories with the grandkids. They grow up too soon but they will always remember time spent with grandparents.

Sherry said...

Black snakes are actually great to have around if you don't want mice. They aren't aggressive at all. Although children do have to be taught not to chase them or try to pick them up. Just watch them.

Great news about your medical appointments. That's the most important news in life actually.

Sure glad you didn't stand in that line in that heat. Butterfly gardens and beaches are high on my list of fun things to do. I cannot believe how big those grandkids of yours are getting.

Judith Bell said...

It seems like only last week that Victoria came into this world. Now she's driving heavy equipment!

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Who wants to travel when you have the grandkids to enjoy the day with? They are so dang cute.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

You sure kept busy without the RV! Great picture of my favorite pelican, too.

No fun being in a thunderstorm in a boat. I was out in a storm in a 41' UTB once when lightening struck the water about 50 feet behind us. Blew out all our electronics and I got quite a shock because I was leaning on the radar bracket. Good call running in for shore.

Peter + Beatrix said...

You going to Nova Scotia? If you drive, why not pop in with us. It's free camping with us and we can promise a great experience on a small Canadian Island.

Linda said...

No RVing perhaps, but it looks like you have had a wonderful time. Beautiful photos. :)

Erin Erkun said...

I could have done without those last two photos! No wonder you didn't go RV'ing ... with everything else you were doing, there was no time. Wonderful beach shots ... I have to say, I miss those sugar-white beaches, but am sure glad to be in the mountains agian.

Laura Skjenna said...

You've done as much 'touristing' in your month at home as I do on a trip! It is special to have wonderful destinations to share with the grands. And as always, your photos are fantastic - you have a gift for photographing shore/water/clouds.