Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Disgruntled, Just move!

We have moved on to Daytona Beach for an as yet to be determined amount of time. We had debated staying at the Mayport Naval Station campground longer, as it is a great location on the river and Atlantic. In the end, we decided that we would move on as we were not very happy with the way the campground was operated. We have had issues with this on past visits and have read other folks concerns as well, including the write up on a military campground site.

As background, these campgrounds are funded under a morale and welfare program to support active and retired military for recreation purposes. We have visited many such campgrounds all across the country and this is certainly one of the great locations, but one of the worst managed. This campground appears to be managed not for the use of the designed clientele, but rather for the benefit of the staff which includes somewhere around 12 plus “workcampers” which can stay for up to six months or more. That represents over 20 percent of the sites that are supposed to be available for the intended users.

While we had little problems ourselves, there are many customers who seem to be really afraid of the staff, who patrol the grounds enforcing rules that do not apply to them. In that regard, they are a bit like members of Congress. In short, we decided to leave. It is always a pity when those who present themselves as part of a service organization, are really only supporting themselves instead of the customers. Finally, I should note that this is not unique to the military system, as we belong to a national membership park organization and here again many of the parks are consumed with serving those who work in the parks over the customers. This membership organization is hanging on by its fingernails, at least in part, because of the lack of support for their actions by the paying customers.

We are now located in a commercial park, International RV park, which is very nice and happy to accommodate the needs of its customers. Ironically, with passport America is only 18 dollars a night for the length of our stay.

Since I had no pictures to go with this entry, I have decided to include some pictures I have been looking at from some family sailing vacations in Greece in the late 1990’s, while stationed overseas.


Karen and Al said...

We sure wish we could stay at some of these military campgrounds. They do have some great locations. I'm sorry this one wasn't run well because it sure looked like a nice place. We're following where you're going because we'll be in the area later this month. We might even run into you! Lots of pictures please!

John and Ellen said...

Good post on the military campgrounds. Unfortunately, having been in and around the military and then worked with the military and other Govt agencies all of our lives (literally), we were not surprised to find the "old boy network" alive and well. To be clear, we both consider ourselves to be patroits and huge supporters of the military, however it has been our experience that this type of behavoir seems to flourish in and around Govt organizations.

Maybe we will yet run into you, we are just over at Salt Springs, in the Ocala National Forest. Yes, its another Govt organization.

E Squared and Mui said...

Seeing the pictures, for a minute there I thought you had skipped the country :-)

The Bandy's said...

You really threw me for a loop with those pictures. I looked at them first and immediately thought Greece and couldn't figure out how you managed to find it between Georgia and Florida - haha! Bo loves your saying 'vote with your feet' and uses it now. Guess you did.

Cruzin2some said...

Thats too bad. It seems to be a common problem.

Travel Safe


In similar situations regarding Campgrounds, RV Parks or neighboring RV problems we also choose to move everytime rather than confront. I don't have the patience or tolerance for confronting problematic people & their foibles.

Judy and Emma said...

Too bad about the campground. :( Nice pics of Greece, however. :)

Rick and Paulette said...

Sure glad you explained that the pics were from Greece as I was beginning to wonder just where in Florida you had moved to!! Great pics though so thanks for posting them.

It seems there are always folks who delight in overstepping their authority by making life difficult for others. I'm with you - just move on and ignore them.

Anonymous said...

Good location, bad management, fortunately for you guys you can pick up the hook and move on.

Hope you had a great Turkey day!!


Diana said...

I was wondering where you were going with the pictures... Glad you moved on to better pastures.