Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Saturday, October 09, 2010

First week in Ohio

Returning to Ohio is as close as we come to coming home. We have lived in Ohio on three separate occasions for a total of 18 years. With most of that time spent in the Toledo area. We spent our first weekend here in Clyde for a Winnebago get together sponsored by Town and Country RV. This is their fourth annual rally of appreciation for the owners of Winnebago motorhomes. There are games, food and entertainment. Nine coaches from our club attended, so it was a great chance for us to spend time with our friends. It was a good weekend, only slightly dampened by steady rain all day and night Saturday.

Leaving the rain soaked grass field we all parked in on Sunday without incident, the next stop was Delta, Ohio and a service appointment at our motorhome dealer. We make this trip each fall to have it serviced at the place we bought it simply because they are reliable, honest, and capable of getting things done properly and quickly on coach, chassis and engine service. I read many blogs where there is always a problem with getting even simple parts. We had some last minute parts that were needed either due to unknown problems, or things we decided we wanted only after we arrived. They were able to order them immediately and have them delivered the next day. This has been a consistent practice in the four years we have had service here. They are also truck dealers and operate a farm.

Since they ensure that the coach is available each evening for us to camp in, we spend our nights at the dealership. We are entertained by looking at the new and used units and watching the busy harvesting season activity that goes on all around it. Farming is still the hard work I remember from growing up on a farm. During the day we spend visiting with friends.


Judy and Emma said...

You are certainly lucky to have such a place to return to for reliable service. Of course, I didn't exactly have a choice of a location to break down in. :)

Why is a place in Ohio thankful for Winnebago owners?

pidge said...

Love the picture of one of you walking in the woods and the sunset pictures. Stay safe.

Margie M. said...

Beautiful pics and a nice post about your gathering there with fellow RVer's. Have fun.

Diana said...

I love the cake of of course, the rusty truck. You can never have too many pictures of rusty stuff!