Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Thursday, July 22, 2010

More GNR

Yesterday was another hectic day. We had service accomplished on our towing gear and on our hydraulic jack system. One of the great things about this rally is the vendors who supply many of the systems on the motorhomes attend and at very reasonable rates, including occasionally free, will service or repair their products on site. Then I did get in a seminar or two before our club pot luck dinner, immediately followed by a car show with over 70 classic cars on the grounds.

When the car show was over, it was nearly time for the main entertainment of the day-The Blooze Brothers. They put on a good show and managed to get a fair size group out on the dance floor acting a bit like teenagers.

It was now late and really time to head home, but wait- how about a very large bon fire? Okay, so we then watched what I am pretty sure was the largest bon fire we have ever witnessed.


Judy and Emma said...

Hmm...I may have to attend next year. :) How many folks do you think are attending?

Happytrails said...

That is definitely a huge bon fire!!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)