Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back in Miami

Before leaving South Bay, Fl we received an invitation from our friend George to make a visit before we headed farther north. We quickly accepted and looked forward to missing some of the regular sugar cane field burn offs, which had increasing come closer to the campground.

We had a good visit in Miami, with George preparing a great meal and inviting our old friends the Randall’s and another couple which provided for lively dinner conversation. It was a very pleasant stay!

The day after our return from Miami, we headed to Wauchula, FL for a week in the Thousand Trails Resort on the Peace River. Since we have explored most of the area on our visit south in the fall, we have mainly relaxed and did some work around the motorhome. One thing we did not do on the previous visit was to hunt for fossilized shark teeth in the river. This part of the river is well known for these prehistoric artifacts. So today, we performed our first dig in the river. Keeping one eye out for the snakes and alligators, we proceeded to dig and shift thru likely looking areas based on the advice received from those in the park that have been successful. We, in fact, like many of the gold miners of the past, did find what we were looking for, but failed to find any really large specimens. But we can say that we have done it.


Margreeth said...

Hallo Anneke en Chuck,

Jullie verhaal weer gelezen , dus ben weer bij. Wat een leuke foto's zijn erbij. Die van Ryan en Heather vind ik zo leuk!!! Wanneer zijn jullie bij Gretchen??
Ik hoor en zie het wel. Veel plezier op de reis.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to send me some shark teeth! The smoke and tree pictures are very nice, dad.