Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Monday, November 03, 2008

Live Oak, Florida

We have been relaxing along the famous Suwannee River at the Suwannee River Music Park, which we found last year on our way west. It is a very large complex of over 800 acres and features year around music shows and over 800 campsites for the weary traveler and those who just like the many amenities of the park. Besides the music programs, it boasts a horse riding camp, 18 hole disc golf course, many miles of hiking, biking, water sports (with a canoe livery on site) and golf cart riding.

We were mainly looking for some peace and quiet before we hit the big tourist areas farther south. We did enjoy some quiet and hiking/biking. We also walked the disc golf course to get the feel of it and made a note to maybe buy a few discs to practice with. The campground being mostly under mossy oaks, we have been regularly bombarded with acorns hitting the roof at all hours of the day and night.

We also found that they were having a big music event on Saturday, which everyone seemed to be excited about. In addition to a regional country/western singing contest, the at least locally well known singer, Colt Ford was the main attraction. After being assured that this was going to be a great show, we picked up some tickets.

The turnout was indeed large for the outdoor concert and we managed to place our chairs early in what we were sure would be a good location to enjoy the show. We suffered through a loud and rather poor group of wannabe singers, just waiting for the main event. After what seemed like a lot of delays, the man himself appeared. Now, based on the build-up I was kind of expecting a new version of say –Garth Brooks-what we got was a strange guy who could be bested described as a country style rapper. To make matters worse, when he entered the stage, the already loud volume was immediately nearly doubled. Wanting to get our monies worth, we tried to stick it out, while those who apparently were trying to preserve their hearing were bailing left and right. To be fair, there was a group of devoted souls who actually surged forward-why I am not sure-but it certainly was not to hear better.

Finally, I could stand it no more and retreated to a remote spot in the rear, where I again tried to gain some appreciation for his talents. While in this position, I was able to observe some folks who hopefully had too much to drink and were providing a show that in some parts of the world they actually charge for (or so I am told). In the end, we had to retreat to the motorhome, a good quarter mile away, where we good hear the show at a normal volume.

It was yet another adventure and why we are on the road, but perhaps next time we will start farther back in the seating section.

Tomorrow, we head south in to the wilds of central Florida.

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