Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Monday, August 20, 2007


Saturday, we headed to Erie Islands Resort in Port Clinton, Ohio. This trip was a bit of a leap of faith, as the weather forecast was for plenty of rain. Unfortunately, this time the weatherman got it correctly. Saturday evening we went to dinner with friends in downtown Port Clinton and by the time we emerged from dinner, the rain was starting and has not let up since.

Deciding that the only thing we could do on Sunday in the heavy rain was visit the Inland Seas Maritime Museum in Vermillion. It has a relatively small exhibit area but does have an excellent research library, if you have such an inclination. It was good to get out in such weather and enjoyed revisiting some Great Lakes Maritime history.

The rain continued very heavy throughout Sunday evening and into Monday. I was beginning to think I should watch for animals marching two by two. Plans to visit South Bass Island in Lake Erie and Put in Bay were put off for hopefully a better day. Instead, we settled for a movie and dinner in Sandusky. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better weather.

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