Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


23 July 2007
Today we traveled to Ludington, Mi for a short stay to enjoy the shore and delights of the area. We settled into the Vacation Station, which is hoping to create a camper condo park. This is a campground where folks buy their spots and the management team can rent them out while they are not using them, if they prefer. It seems to be a well maintained place, but I have serious doubts that it is going to be a big success. It does look like it will do fine as a good old fashioned RV resort.

After setting up, we took a tour of the area, visiting the downtown area of Ludington, Dunes State Park, and the Lighthouse at the entrance to the port.
On the way to Ludington, we passed thru a very small town and Anneke insisted that we stop and get her picture with the sign.

Anneke read in her book-Road Food-about a local fish store, where you can enjoy their deep fried products right on site via the provided picnic tables. It was quite a way out of town and the GPS was helpful in finding the place. We purchased some fresh Lake Trout and some smoked Norwegian Salmon. The trout was grilled for a great first day meal at the motorhome.

Finally, we made a trip to one of those famous stores to replace the digital camera that I so carelessly destroyed on the canoe trip.
Heather and Katie got a chance to rush up to Georgia to see their new nephew. A picture of this momentous event is included.

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