Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Friday, April 06, 2007

Home unsold sweet home

After stops in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and Muncie, IN, we have arrived back in Toledo, Oh. Unfortunately, we were greeted with cold and snow. It is yet another record cold snap here and we are already dreaming of hitting the road again.

It has been a busy couple of days since we returned. We had to drop the motorhome off at the dealer for service and to get an estimate for repairs to the area damaged in our drunk driver incident in LA back in December. It was difficult to leave the coach and head back to the “stick” house. The good news is that the house survived just fine over the winter. We have already accomplished a number of administrative duties and hopefully will complete all our medical appointments and other mundane things by the end of the month and will be able to start planning the next trip.

We have worked up some rough numbers from our trip. We traveled just under 8000 miles in the motorhome and drove an additional 7000 miles in the toad seeing the sights. We were in 22 states and stayed in 33 campgrounds. We also took 4049 pictures.

The numbers are interesting, I suppose, but the most interesting thing has been the pleasure from traveling this country, visiting family and friends and planning routes and places to see based on weather and a fuzzy long range plan. It was truly an adventure on the open road in a great and beautiful country. After five months on the road, we have just scratched the surface and there is so much more to see and do. There will also be many more people to meet and challenges to face. Certainly, one of the essences of a life worth living is one that has adventure and challenges to conquer. At least for now, the RV road trip will meet that requirement and let’s not forget that it is fun!!

We expect to be off the road for at least a month while the motorhome is repaired and we look after the house and sail boat sales efforts. During this period we will be posting less often, but will start regular postings once back on the road.

We would enjoy hearing from those that have read this blog for any part of the last five months. You can leave a comment on the blog or send an e-mail to:


Hollandranch said...

Hi, great house, BIGGGGGGGGG. Hope you sell it soon en enjoy the freedom of Roadtrippen. Greetings to Anneke, Hans and Bianca

Katie said...

I really like your title on this one!